Company whose nominal share capital is:

• More than Tshs. 20,000/= but not more than Tshs. 1,000,000/= is TZS 95,000
• More than Tshs. 1,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 5,000,000/= is TZS 175,000
• More than Tshs. 5,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 20,000,000/= is TZS 260,000
• More than Tshs. 20,000,000/= but not more than Tshs. 50,000,000/= is TZS 290,000
• More than Tshs. 50,000,000/= is TZS 440,000
• For registration of a company not having a share capital where the number of members as stated in the Articles of Association is TZS 300,000
• Filling fee for the application, meaning shs. 22,000/= for each document i.e Memorandum and Articles of Association, Forms no. 14a and 14b is TZS 66,000
• Each Stamp duty for each copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association is charged TZS 5,000
• Stamp duty for Form no. 14b is charged TZS 1,200
• For the receipt and/or registration by Registrar of any document which under the Act is to be delivered to him the fee is TZS 22,000
• For certification of any document, per page is TZS 3,000
• For making search in any file/perusal is TZS 3,000
• For obtaining a written search report per file is TZS 22,000
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