Energy Efficiency Award (EEA)


The Energy Efficiency Award (EEA) is an award which honors industries that are actively engaged in Energy Efficiency (EE) initiatives. The award also act as an opportunity to publicise the industrial energy efficiency actions across the country. CTI and GIZ are actively involved in promoting energy management and efficiency in industries.

The EEA is organised by the Confederation of Tanzanian Industries (CTI) in conjunction with GIZ, and is given to the outstanding industrialist at the President’s Manufacturers of the Year Awards (PMAYA) giving ceremony. The award is normally handled over to the winner by the President of United Republic of Tanzania who is also  Patron of CTI. The PMAYA competition is an annual event organised by CTI since 2005 to award outstanding industries. It aims to recognise and appreciate the industrial sector’s important role in Tanzania’s economy. During the award ceremony, the Vice- President of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) on behalf of the President (who is also patron of CTI), conferred the awards to the winners.

Award’s Objectives

  • The main objective is to provide national recognition to the industries which are front runners in the efforts to initiate, implement and sustain energy efficiency measures as well as motivating other industries to execute similar EE measures.
  • Other objectives are:
  • To provide awareness of the potential benefits associated by energy efficiency measures ( eg. Energy cost reduction and enhance competitiveness).
  • Support the National Energy Policy’s objective of promoting  energy efficiency and conservation measures.

Winners of  PMAYA  Trophies:

Year 2016:

1. Tanzania Breweries Ltd - Overall winner

2. Serengeti Breweries Ltd - 2nd runner up

3. Royal Soap Detergent ltd - 1st runner up

Year 2017:

1. Tanzania Breweries Limited - Overall winner

2. Zenufa Laboratories Limited - 1st  runner up

3.  Plasco Limited - 2nd runner up

Special Award on Energy Efficiency:

  • Serengeti Breweries Limited - The winner
  • Jambo Plastics Limited - 1st  runner up
  • Plasco Limited - 2nd runner up