CTI's Priority Areas

CTI’s Priority Areas


Priority Areas of CTI for the Next Five Years

In efforts to reduce cost of doing business and hence improvement of competitiveness of CTI members in the domestic, regional and international markets, advocacy on the improvement of the business environment in Tanzania will continue. In addition, the Confederation will continue to provide unique membership services with a view to enhancing capacities of members. The following are areas which CTI will focus on:


Policy Advocacy

  • Advocating for the improvement of quantity and quality of electricity. Reduction of electricity tariff will also be on the agenda.
  • Advocating for reduction of time for clearance of cargo from the ports of Tanzania from the current 14 days to less than 6 days.
  • Advocating for harmonization and rationalization of multiple regulatory bodies and charges.
  • Advocating for strategies and legislation for elimination of counterfeits and substandard goods.
  • Advocating for streamlining of business licenses specifically the need to abolish annual business licensing.
  • Advocating for enhanced skills for workers through undertaking demand related courses by vocational training institutes and polytechnics.
  • Advocating for the reduction of VAT rate from 18 percent to 16 percent.
  • Advocating for changing the basis for calculating port charges from CIF Value to Weight/Volume.
  • Advocating for the abolition of uplifting of value of goods by TRA when calculating for import duty.
  • Advocating for the establishment of Industrial Development Bank that will provide credits at low interest rates affordable by CTI members and especially SMEs.



  • Supporting the process of PVoC exemptions on imported raw materials to members whose products are certified by TBS.
  • Supporting members through the Energy Efficiency Programme in reducing their energy consumption and thereby their production costs. The support include identification of needs, energy audits and actual implementation of measures for reduced energy consumption. CTI will  link members to financial institutions to get soft loans when investing for energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Providing information to members on business and investment opportunities, new policies and regulations.
  • Supporting members whenever they face problems with authorities or public institutions.
  • Organising seminars and workshops for the purpose of educating members  on new policies and regulations that are pertinent to business.
  • Organising tailor made courses on various areas depending on members’ needs in order to enhance capacities of members.

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