How to become a member

Membership of CTI is corporate and not individuals. It is open to registered companies operating in Tanzania. A membership form must be filled and submitted  to the Secretariat along with a copy of Certificate of Incorporation, membership fee and annual subscription. The subscription categories are  indicated in the membership application form. A company can be engaged in any of the following business activities: Manufacturing, Processing, Assembling, Service Industry such as Hospitality, Media, Information Technology, Financial institutions, Banking, Insurance, Transportation, Consultancies, Construction,Utilities and Communication.


Types of Membership 

The membership of CTI is devided into two types:

Ordinary Membership: Open to companies engaged in value adding manufacturing, processing and assembling.

Associate Membership: Open to companies that provide services.


Fees and Subscriptions

The membership of CTI ranges from large scale companies with annual turnovers in excess of TZS 159.9 billion to newly established and small enterprises. 


Membership Fees

Membership fees are payable once on joining in the following order:


TZS 100,000/-       - For companies with annual turnover from TZS 0 – 399 million

TZS 200,000/-      -  For companies with annual turnover in excess of TZS 400 million


Annual Subscription

Annual subscriptions are fixed by members at AGM and vary according to a company’s turnover.



Ordinary Membership

Associate Membership

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Alternatively, you can download the application form for both Ordinary and Associate Membership here  

Membership form


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