CTI report on the Proceedings of Sub-Sector Meetings

Report on the Proceedings of Sub-Sector Meetings

Held at CTI offices NIC Investment House from 11th February – 26th March 2020


The advocacy process to influence changes in policies aimed at improving the business environment requires evidence-based information for engagement with the government. Such information needs to be obtained from the concerned stakeholders.

Due to this, CTI organised sub-sector meetings in February and March 2020 to collect views on both tax and non-tax challenges affecting the smooth operation of industries. The challenges and recommendations emanating from the meetings were intended to provide CTI with the evidence needed to engage and dialogue with the relevant government authorities in order to find workable solutions to the challenges.

The meetings involved different Sub-sectors, namely:

  • Food Processing and Soft Drinks
  • Metal and Metal Products
  • Beer, Spirits and Tobacco Products
  • Textile and Apparel
  • Paper, Paper Products, Printing, Publishing and Packaging Materials
  • Mineral Products (Cement, Glass, Ceramic tiles, salt, etc.)
  • Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Consultancy Services, Building and Construction
  • Plastic and Rubber Products
  • Motor Vehicle, Motor Cycles and Accessories
  • Chemical and Chemical Products
  • Timber and Wood Products. ...........................(read more from the attachment)