Temeke Municipal Council orders Container Depot Owners to address congestion or else relocate

Long vehicles are seen blocking roads around Saza and Mbozi roads at Chang’ombe industrial area

THE Temeke Municipal Council has ordered truckers and drivers heading to the container depot and Inland Container Depots around Saza and Mbozi roads to immediately stop parking at no parking areas which cause unnecessary traffic jam denying manufacturers their smooth business operations.

The order was reached in a joint meeting between members of the Confederation of Tanzania Industries (CTI) situated around Saza and Mbozi Roads at Chang’ombe Industrial Area, TRA, Fantuzzi Ltd (owners of the container Depot), and Temeke Municipal Council.

The center of the dispute was that industries around Saza and Mbozi roads at Chang’ombe Industrial area had frequent total blockades which made them unable to receive raw materials or send their manufactured goods to the local and foreign markets.

“Our workers’ lives are put in danger due to many issues including natural disasters such as fire. Since the roads are frequently faced by total blockade by trucks that go to Fantuzzi which park outside their yard waiting to offload empty containers…….”if fire breaks out, no rescue service facilities would be able to reach the place” lamented David Mziray, the Human Resource Manager from 21st Century Holding Limited.

Mziray said that his company workers were put at risk every single day since in case of natural calamities and other emergencies they could not be reached by external help, adding that Funtuzzi should prepare itself to relocate if it cannot operate up to its both available parking and offloading capacities.

During the discussion which was chaired by the Temeke Municipal Council, Lawyer Mr. Joshua Sanga, manufacturers and other users of the two roads openly accused Fantuzzi Container Deport for causing the blockades.

The meeting participants complained that Fantuzzi Container depot was causing them to lose businesses as they incur unnecessary extra expenses due to delays in getting their consignments reach markets, an act which rendered them to be uncompetitive in the local and regional markets.

Giving brief explanation of the problem, a representative from CTI told the participants that it was high time the problem should be resolved once and for all.

“It’s almost 3 years since CTI started following up on this matter with the regional authorities and later with Temeke Municipal Council without getting concrete and permanent solution. Also added that an amicable and lasting solution should be found to address the frequent traffic jam caused by long trucks” she said.

On the other hand, the representative from Fantuzzi Container Deport refuted allegations of causing the traffic jam, saying that many of the long trucks which park near their entrance belonged to other companies.

“This is not true because our trucks which usually wait to offload the empty containers park on one side of the road, but those which park on the other side and which totally block the road are not ours” said Sujit Bhojak from Fantuzzi Container deport.

The Fantuzzi argument was vehemently denied by other nearby manufacturers who hastened to show the participants and the Temeke Municipal Council authority pictures showing vehicles heading at Fantuzzi Container depot parked in a manner that no other vehicle could pass.

The Temeke Municipal Council Lawyer and Chairperson Mr. Joshua Sanga clarified that the law prohibited truck owners and drivers to park at no parking areas, adding that from now onwards the Municipal Council will take appropriate legal measures for those who will violate the law by parking the trucks in the prohibited areas.

He stressed that even the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) regulations specify that CD and IDCs must have enough parking space inside their yards to avoid causing unnecessary problems to other businesses

Mr. Sanga advised Fantuzzi Container depot to contact the Temeke Municipal Council to arrange acquisition of more space for conducting their business so that all the trucks will load and offload inside the yard.

The advice seemed to be a relief to the manufacturers who have been suffering as the result of road blockades of trucks carrying 20” and 40’ containers that have caused heavy traffic jam in Chang’ombe Industrial Area.